Access to global supply from major Ad Exchanges and SSPs then bring your campaign to the next level with our engaging ad formats.

Key Benefits

Greater Efficiency

Our artificial intelligence and algorithms makes the process of placing ads a lot simpler and efficient. The ability to measure the performance of campaigns in real-time also helps advertisers in making the necessary changes to their campaigns, which improves the efficiency of the campaigns.

Cost Effective & Time Saving

Due to automation, the process of buying and selling ads becomes less time-consuming and streamlined. For starters, it eliminates the requirement for long-drawn negotiations and Request for Proposal (RFPs) between advertisers and agencies which would otherwise cost both time and money.

Increased Transparency & Control

BIDTIMIZE provides advertisers real-time data and insights into how their ads, creatives, and campaigns are performing. With programmatic marketing, advertisers don’t need to wait till the end of the campaign to make changes but can also measure, analyze and optimize their ads and campaigns in real-time so that the campaigns perform better.


We offer advertisers great flexibility for customizing their ad campaigns. Advertisers can decide how they want to place their ads as well as their budget. Advertisers also have the option of optimizing their campaigns mid-way based on number of impressions, views, clicks, and conversions from the campaigns.

Wider reach

BIDTIMIZE allows marketers and advertisers to reach out to a wider spectrum of target audience across multiple platforms and multiple publisher websites at a lower cost when compared to traditional forms of display advertising. Not only this, but marketers are also able to track the campaign’s reach. They can find out how many people have looked at the ad, where the audience was located, the demographic of the audience, time of the day they saw the ad and much more.

Fraud Prevention

Eliminate any worries about having your ad budgets pocketed by fraudulent publishers. With Bidtimize you are protected on several levels. Firstly, Bidtimize's in-house anti-fraud shield analyzes thousands of devices and permanently blocks risky sources from the supply chain. Secondly, our brand safety partner Pixalate, monitors pre- and post-bid behaviour around the clock.

Highlighted Features

Greater Targeting Capabilities

BIDTIMIZE uses extensive data and algorithms that allow advertisers to place targeted ads with high precision and accuracy. It allows marketers and advertisers to target an audience based on a number of factors such as the audience geolocation, age, behavior, search terms, categories and site visits or even IP addresses. It also allows them to retarget customers after the site visitors have visited the advertiser’s site, which helps in better conversions.

Drive traffic to sales

We target the right people at the right time through our end-to-end lead generation solutions. With greater data-driven superpowers, our proprietary campaign analytics & lead management tool, enables us to collect data, track conversions and deliver crucial performance insights.

Visibility of ROI

We Engage lapsed users, increase customer lifetime value and decrease user acquisition costs by retargeting potentially loyal audiences for better ROI. It's not just about the technology: Bidtimize’s DSP's experienced marketing professionals drive outstanding results towards your specific goals.